Er dette fremtidens kulturminne?

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Arrangør: Norsk Luftfartsmuseum

Sted: museet

Tid: 18. 09. 19

Universelt utformet: Nei

On Wednesday, 18.09.19, conservators and museum educators at the Norwegian Aviation Museum will meet the 7th grade from Lake Bodø. These bring with them two things each that they believe can be important to preserve for the future, ie something that can become the cultural heritage of the future. These we go through with the conservator glasses and look at what they say about our time and about what we are passionate about in 2019.

Then we will look at some museum objects that we have here at the Norwegian Aviation Museum. Something is real, something is replica and something is copy. Some aircraft are restored and other aircraft are wrecks that have been treated as little as possible. What do these objects tell us about history and what do they give us in understanding of ancient aviation?


Inside a Boeing 737-300